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I Wish, I Dream ✍🏻

Overwhelmed by reality,

I wish, I dream

Seems like bad news everyday,

I wish, I dream

More people sick, many more dead,

I wish, I dream

Not enough vaccines,

I wish, I dream

Use double masks, avoid going out, don’t get together, stay alone...

I wish, I Dream


That’s why I Wish I Dream

On racing the moon, the sun, the clouds

On giving a hug, longer than before

On seeing friends, celebrate birthdays

On a start line, packed with runners

On a market talking about art

On traveling abroad, see new sights

On meeting my new niece, and squish her cheeks

On playing dress up with princesses far away,

On long nights with friends dearly missed,

On marveling at the world again because it finally makes sense again,

I wish, I dream ✍🏻

- L.D

Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas



I Wish, I Dream

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